Teni – It Could Have Been A Different Story

Nigerian artist, Teniola Apata, also known as Teni, has broken silence over a gunshot scare that disrupted her performance in Rivers state. Reacting to the incident, the singer took to her Instagram story on Monday to state that it could’ve been a different story. She wrote, “It could have been a different story entirely but I’m grateful to God”. “Myself and entire team are safe and back home now. Thanks for the calls and messages.”

Change In Attitude

    Sometimes it’s by who we are that we find people around us evil to the rotten egg. Their lack of seeing things as their problems often make others change their attitude because their behavior was why you in length changed intentionally crafted. It was you who made the change to others that as well as the reason why they do not understand, but they can’t do anything than other than complain that your behavior has changed, these people often do create problems for others simply by only what this Quote says #copied

Can People Be Without Trials?

You can’t become perfected until there’s someone to help you on your way, so try to be easy going with others because no one knows tommorow. No doubt every human being faces trials and difficulty, but it depends on how you over come them.